Shine Calendar is, well, a calendar application. You need to remember when something is? Or want a list of tasks that you have to do at some point? Shine can handle that all for you!

Shine Calendar is built on five main ideas:

  • Customizable: Modify and change Shine to turn it into what you want it to be.
  • Connected: Works with what you already use, such as Google Calendar and Office 365.
  • Attractive: Shine works well, and looks good!
  • Approachable: Anyone should be able to open up Shine and be able to get to work.
  • Everywhere: Not just a Windows app, Shine will be on your mobile phones too!

I hope you’ll stick around and give Shine a fair shake. I’m doing my best to create “a better calendar experience”.

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About the developer

Hi there, I’m Jayke Huempfner!

I currently have a full-time managerial position in a retail location, so programming is a side hobby. I’ve done a lot of projects over the years, and Shine is the latest one.

I’ve been doing programming for around 9 years now. One of the biggest projects I had the pleasure of working on was the file manager program Better Explorer. During my time as a co-developer there, we had over 100,000 downloads and were mentioned in PC World.

I’m a pretty open and friendly guy; if you’re interested in following my adventures, you can find me on Twitter @JaykeBird.